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There’s always been something about the life lessons sitcoms of the pre-2000’s teach us that today’s programming lack. At one extreme, when the internet was developing, there were countless episodes of the dangers of cyber-surfing floating around in shows such as Sister,Sister and Smart Guy. At the other extreme were the simple life lessons such as, the end result of getting a bad report card (Word to Theo Huxtable) or lying to your parents (Word to Vanessa Huxtable).

One of my favorite 90s sitcoms is Moesha. There was something about that particular era of the mid-to-late 90s which intrigued me; and creators, Ralph Farquhar, Sara V. Finney, and Vida Spears delivered. When Moesha was my annual show of the week this month, I stumbled across the episode entitled: “The Crush”. In it, Moesha, the aspiring journalist, learns what happens when she doesn’t fact check. One of the first lessons I learned as a journalist, is to always check my sources. Though mistakes do happen, this lesson turns out to be a tough one for Mo’ to learn.

Featuring guest appearances from Kyla Pratt and Glenndon Chatman, who end up together on the big screen as the younger versions of the protagonists in Love & Basketball, makes this episode as humorous as it informative. Check it out below! Enjoy! -Ty