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Music Videos: Where impromptu dance-offs in the middle of a street or establishment with your friends is acceptable. 

Despite the popularity of flash mobs these days, I’ve always wondered about those one-minute scenes of spontaneous choreographed movement in music videos. Unless there’s an obvious story line that revolves around the concept of dance, similar to LMFAO’s video for “Party Rock” or Mya’s video for “Case of the Ex”, how do these impromptu dance scenes simply happen?

I mean, you’re telling me while I’m walking around Six Flags singing, at one point I’m going to grab my closest friends (plus one or two Six Flags workers), and burst into a synchronized dance routine in the middle of the amusement park to impress this guy I’ve had my eye on? Okay, Random much? LOL

As funny as the above analogy is to me, when it comes down to it, there isn’t any logic to be discovered in spontaneous dance scenes. They just happen. Breaking into a perfectly choreographed routine to impress that guy at Six Flags, just adds to the distinct, magical element of the story.

I’d love for life to be like that. LOL

Check out a couple of impromptu dance scenes from my favorite music videos below, and click next to discover more!

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears [Dancing in the Hallway, Gym, etc.]