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This week, I saw PLENTY of articles worth an entry on this edition of ‘Coffee’. From controversial pieces to surprising archives, my head was spinning with all the information I read about! Maybe it’s true what they say about Halloween, huh? [haha]

But, as you nurse the side effects from last night’s incognito get-together or scramble to put together your final outfit for Monday, take a look at a few of my favorite articles and headlines from the week below. –Ty

1. Drum Roll Please! Fox to Reboot In Living Color! – Words cannot describe how excited I am for this! In Living Color was a game-changer for television programming in the 1990s, introducing many of our favorite actors, actresses, and artists to the Hollywood of today. Fox plans to reboot it for 2 half-hour specials as a part of their 25th Anniversary and depending on success, it will fall into Fox 21’s mid-season schedule. via deadline.com (Word to my Fly Girls featured in the picture above!)

2. MTV’s The Real World Cast-Member Contract – If you think reality shows are all fun and drama-filled games, think again. Back in August, The Village Voice blog, Runnin’ Scared obtained an unsigned copy of a contract one has to sign if wanting to participate on MTV’s The Real World. Basically, once you sign this contract, you lose almost all legal rights to your life. There are terms included releasing MTV of liability if you happen to contact a disease or possibly die…and that’s not even half of what’s featured! Check it out—via Runnin’ Scared

3. The Debate Heard Around the WebMadame Noir writer, Selam Aster caused an uproar with her article entitled, “It’s Nothing Personal Paula[Patton] But, I Don’t Want You Playing Black” Need I say more? Check out the full article via Madame Noir, here. Then check out her rebuttal, here.

4. The Harsh Truth: Why Women Don’t Respond When You Holler in Public – Have you ever had that moment when one of your favorite writers actually pinpoints the key issues in a topic? Well, Tabatha McGurr did that for me this week with her piece on a man’s need to creatively grab our attention…

Take it away Wolfy…*In My Best Mae West Voice*

Anyway…Listing a couple of key do’s and don’ts, certifies Tabatha’s piece as something ALL men should take a hard look at and something us ladies may find hilarious! Take a look via Complex Mag [For Bonus Material Check Out Boy Stop via Clutch Magazine]

Happy Sunday!!