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Tuesday wasn’t the best day out of the week for me, but I never expected to hear about the passing of one of the greatest rappers to ever walk the Earth, Heavy D. I was surprised to hear the Overweight Lover passed away at only 44 years old. It shocked me so much to point that I get nervous every time I see a celebrity as a trending topic on Twitter. Not good right?

For someone who didn’t know him personally, you may ask me, “Why I care so much?” Well, to answer this rhetorical question, to hear of the passing of an individual as great as Heavy D shocks me because I feel like he offered so much to the world and was on his way to doing great things.

However, what I take away from his death is the importance of living life. As cliche as this may sound, we only have one life to live with little to no time to waste on second-guesses.  My aunt, who went to school with Heavy D said he always wanted to be a rapper and had a big heart. I find it amazing the fact that the “Overweight” wasn’t ever the deciding factor for how much of a lover he was and the ambition he had. He still did great things.

The pressure society and the media hinder us as times on our perspective of ourselves and how our lives should be lived. Unlock the chain of non-self perception, take a deep breath and live! Never be afraid to find the silver lining in the dark cloud and keep running until your time is up. Be proud of how you are and like the last tweet Heavy D sent out to the world says, “Be Inspired.” You never know how far you may go or how you’ll be remembered.

Rest In Peace Heavy D.