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As Told By Ginger was my annual cartoon of the month of November! (Yay!) I was glad to have stumbled upon the full set of episodes of the show on YouTube because I never got a chance to actually find out what happened after Darren and Ginger kissed on the train platform when she went the semester boarding school. But, watching it from beginning to its end, I couldn’t believe I actually liked this show. It’s hardly your normal cartoon. As Told by Ginger is General Hospital on steroids at a 7th grade reading level capacity. It’s so funny how you never process these complex ideas and thoughts until you’re older and you think to yourself, “Why did I even watch this show?

Needless to say, If I ever had the chance to talk to ATBG’s creator, Emily Kapnek, I’d have to ask her this: WHY IS DODIE SUCH A (word I refuse to say on my site that’s starts with a ‘B’)? Each and every episode I watched, she appeared to be very envious of Ginger. Popularity was always the important aim for Dodie and she seemed to step on any and everyone to get there. I finally realized she was actually crazy when I found out she had a Ginger wig in the episode entitled, ‘Dentition’ (No Lie). But as much as I seethe with anger every time I see her character constantly doing wrong, the words, “It’s just a show”, doesn’t satisfy me. I need a deeper understanding.

Truth is, the reason why myself as well as other viewers on YouTube get upset is because girls like Dodie do exist in real life and often times manifest themselves in people who are the closest to us. In this dog-eat-dog world where “hater” is one of the most over-used words, it’s hard to find a TRUE friend. And when you’re an extrovert like me, transiting to being an introvert doesn’t help one bit. So how do we pick and choose?

Nine times out of ten, there will always be someone around to object to your positive outlook. In some cases it can be a close friend. However, if you have confidence in yourself and a deep passion for what you do, then spotting these types of people isn’t as tough. Not everyone needs to be your friend because you can’t nor should you have to please anybody. And if your friend happens to be a snake in the grass, run; and fast! The last thing you don’t want to end up in life long friendship with a Dodie. Poor Ginger. :( -Ty

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