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Yesterday morning while preparing for work, I had this quick flashback to high school and had to watch House Party before I even left the house! Even though the movie came out in 1990, it was one of my favorites during 11th and 12th grade, 10 years past it’s original release. The extent of the 90s flavor in House Party always intrigued me. The clothes, the music, the hair! Their high school life hardly compared to mine.

While I paid less attention to beginning parts with Kid and Stab in the cafeteria, as well as Play and Bilal’s dramatic journey with the DJ equipment, I immediately returned to full attention during the infamous dance scene with Kid, Play, Sidney, and Sharane. Instead of admiring and imitating (or rather trying to imitate) their dance moves, this time around I paid more attention to the actual song.

The song playing in the background is Full Force’s “Ain’t My Type of Hype”. In the song, the group describes their feelings towards groupies while on the road. Though they adore the attention from the women in the skin-tight-cut-out-dresses, pumps, and freshly-coiffed hair, they go on to stress her worth isn’t anything to them unless she has a brain to match:

“Hype! You’re just a type of propaganda/In the land of supply and demand’a/Girl without a mind, ain’t human./You gotta be more than a butt just booming” – T.Coff

Having a slamming body is nice of course, (word to all my curvy chicks out there), but as females of the continuing millennium, the development of our brains count for so much more. There’s so much to experience in life and knowledge to be sought after. If we hold strong to these truths and dreams, there’s no telling how far we can soar. In a business where anything goes, I’d rather be known for my mind rather than my physical assets. Just some food for thought. -Ty 

Check Out Full Force’s Music Video for “Ain’t My Type of Hype” Below. Party On!