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If there are two types of remixes I can’t resist, it’s a Pete Rock remix and a DJ Premier remix. There’s something these two do to an original track that’s like no other, but they still have that element of individuality. I may have love for DJ Premo, but Pete Rock triumphs him on my favorite’s list and is up for examination this week.

The reason why I love Pete’s remixes is for same reason why some people buy more than one CD: one for the house and another for the car. The original mix of the song is for the house, when I’m working, but the remix is for the car. I don’t drive (YET), but Pete Rock’s remixes always have that ‘cruise’-type feel. I could just cruse around for hours listening to CL Smooth’s mellow voice laced over a flipped PR track. (Sigh!) But, that’s beside the point.

Pete Rock took a hold of the New Jack Swing era and incorporated jazz elements into his beats which made for a wider range of interest and contributed to his popularity, because what were they dancing to back in ’89-’93? New Jack Swing. However, it wasn’t to the point where he could have been considered to be “soft”. Pete Rock remixes when hard, which is why he’s still highly regarded as a game changer today.

Check out 2 of my favorite Pete Rock Remixes below as well as on the next page. Drop a comment to let me know what you think and make sure to check back next week for my DJ Premier favorites! -Ty